Preventing Glaucoma

At Sites Vision Clinic, our mission is your vision. For 70 years, Sites Vision Clinic has meant quality optometry through personal connection for Clarksville and the surrounding area. We serve patients of all ages and offer everything from standard eye exams and vision correction (eyeglasses, cataract removal, hard to fit contacts, etc.) to specialized care for severe or unusual conditions.

With almost any ailment, the earlier the diagnosis, the easier and more effective the treatment. This is especially true of one of the most frightening conditions which can impact your vision: glaucoma.


What Is Glaucoma?

“Glaucoma” refers to several related conditions, but the impact of each is the same. They damage your eye’s optic nerve and typically increase pressure inside your eye. This makes it difficult for your eye to send images to your brain, resulting in reduced vision or eventual blindness. While glaucoma is more common in older patients, it can appear at almost any age.

There’s no way to restore vision lost to glaucoma. Modern optometry, however, can slow or stop glaucoma's progression once properly diagnosed. That’s why it’s so important to catch glaucoma early, before severe permanent damage occurs.

Warning Signs of Glaucoma

Some forms of glaucoma produce alarming symptoms like blurred vision, a colorful “halo effect” around bright lights, nausea or vomiting, or severe eye and head pain. Obviously, anyone experiencing these or similar symptoms should contact their optometrist immediately.

Most forms of glaucoma, however, progress without producing pain or other noticeable symptoms until severe damage to your vision has already been done. Detected early, the damage can be slowed or stopped. It cannot, however, be reversed.

The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

It’s not always easy to find consensus in the medical world, but experts from the Mayo Clinic to WebMD agree on the importance of regular eye exams for patients of all ages. It’s not just glaucoma. There are a wide range of early warning signs which can be detected in a comprehensive eye exam, including many you might not associate with eye care.

Diabetes, cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, Lyme Disease, hyperthyroidism, and others often manifest in subtle ways your optometrist can detect before more obvious symptoms appear. It’s worth repeating: earlier diagnosis usually means more effective treatment.

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At Sites Vision Clinic in Clarksville, we’re equipped to treat just about anything related to your vision and eye care, including all varieties of glaucoma. We believe the best way to practice quality optometry, however, is to prevent many of those problems in the first place.  

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