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Solutions for Computer Vision Syndrome from Your Clarksville and Elkton Optometrist

Computer technology has changed everything about the modern world. Whether you're in Elkton or Clarksville, there's no denying the impact of computers on our daily lives. Unfortunately, it's also hard to deny the rise in eye problems associated with computer screens. Our Clarksville and Elkton optometrists are here to help.

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If your eyes are suffering because of your screen time, you need an eye doctor who can identify the cause right away and work with you to relieve your symptoms. Because mild symptoms of computer vision syndrome may get worse and lead to additional complications, it's important to act quickly.

Common Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome Seen By Our Clarksville or Elkton Optometrist

Sometimes, patients suffer from this common syndrome without realizing their symptoms are connected to their technology habits. Your Elkton and Clarksville eye doctors are very familiar with the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Eye problems that may be linked to computer vision syndrome include:

Blurry Vision

If you struggle to focus or notice blurry spots in your vision after using a computer, this may be a sign that your eyes need a break.

Eye Strain

Eyes suffer discomfort and fatigue after being over-worked, too. If you stare at a bright screen for more than two hours without giving your eyes adequate rest, they may become sore and tired.

Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition, but sometimes dry eyes are simply a side effect of too much screen time. Your Elkton or Clarksville eye doctor may ask questions about your lifestyle, work habits, and eyewear usage to determine whether your dry eyes are linked to computer vision syndrome.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Poor posture is another side effect of prolonged computer time. If your dry eyes, blurry vision, and/or eye strain are accompanied by neck or shoulder pain, this is a red flag that your body – including your eyes and your musculoskeletal system – need more support and rest.

Treatments for Computer Vision Syndrome

Our optometrists understand that dry eyes, eye strain, and other screen-related vision problems can be seriously debilitating. They also know that prolonged computer time can lead to other health issues, especially if your work station isn't set up correctly and you're not taking breaks. We work with patients to diagnose and treat computer vision syndrome, so that their symptoms don't persist or get worse over time.

Our treatments for computer vision syndrome may include eye drops, specialty eyewear, and lifestyle adjustments to prevent further problems. For example, our Clarksville optometrist may recommend ergonomic workplace changes such as adjusting the angle of your monitor to minimize glares and head movement.

Schedule an Eye Exam with an Elkton or Clarksville Eye Doctor

Our eye doctors in Clarksville and Elkton are proud to help patients overcome and prevent computer vision syndrome. Call us today to schedule your next eye exam.

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