Amblyopia Treatment from Our Optometrist in Clarksville, TN

Most people recognize this condition by its common name, lazy eye.  Amblyopia is a visual disorder linked to childhood.  Getting a prompt diagnosis from an optometrist at our Sites Vision Clinic in Clarksville can prevent permanent harm to a child’s vision.


Understanding Amblyopia

Amblyopia is a type of vision disorder affecting up to 3 percent of youngsters.  It represents a disconnect between how the eye and the brain function together.  Those with amblyopia have a "weaker" eye, which the brain refuses to rely on. If the brain is allowed to ignore the weaker eye, the eye will become progressively weaker until it no longer functions. Sometimes the weaker eye is farsighted or has astigmatism, causing blurry images the brain ignores.

Some children suffer from eye misalignment, causing them to see double or have difficulty focusing both eyes at the same time.  Strabismus is a leading cause.  In some cases, something such as a cataract, blood, or other material blocks light from reaching its correct visual destination.

Amblyopia can be present at birth.  The following circumstances carry elevated risk for developing it:

  • Small size at birth
  • A premature birth
  • Developmental disabilities
  • A family history of the disorder, childhood cataracts, or other specific eye conditions

Many parents have trouble recognizing the signs of amblyopia.  According to our eye doctor, common symptoms include shutting an eye, squinting, and tilting the head.

Treatment Options Our Optometry Practice Offers

A child cannot outgrow this disorder without receiving the proper treatment from an optometry practice.  Our optometrist notes that treatment is most effective following an early diagnosis.

A comprehensive vision exam can reveal the cause of amblyopia.  Our eye doctor will treat the underlying problem in the weaker eye with corrective eyewear if it involves a refractive error such as nearsightedness.  Some patients undergo surgery to remove a cataract.  Eye patching and vision therapy from our optometrist are also typically part of a customized treatment plan.

Schedule an Exam with Our Clarksville Eye Doctor

Although our optometry practice has been around for more than 40 years, you can expect to find the latest technology in diagnostic equipment during your visit.  Whether you need corrective eyewear, sports vision services, or treatment for eye diseases or disorders, you can count on our Clarksville optometrist to fill a full range of vision care services for your family.  Take a moment to give our Sites Vision Clinic a call at 931-614-0028 to schedule an exam with our eye doctor and enjoy being able to rely on one provider for all your vision needs.

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