Eyeglass Frame Selection From Your Clarksville Optometrist

At Sites Vision Clinic, our Clarksville optometrist offers a range of classic and fashion eyeglasses frames. The next time you need new Clarksville or Elkton eyeglasses frames, why not visit us?

Select Your Frames


A square face is often characterized by a strong jaw line, a broad forehead, and a wide chin and cheekbones. The width and length of the face are close to being equal. Frames should be selected to make the face look longer and to soften the square angles of the face. Choose frames that are slightly curved (like an oval shape) and that have more horizontal than vertical real estate.


The oval face is identifiable by its balanced proportions. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin and cheekbones are high. Frames should complement the natural proportions of the oval. Choose frames that are wide or wider than the broadest part of the face and that follow your brow line. Often, diamond or rectangular shapes work best for oval shapes.


Although fairly similar to an oval shape, an oblong face is longer than it is wide. The ideal frames will shorten the face by creating a break in the length of the face. Choose frames that have depth and a low bridge to shorten the nose. Try frames that are round, deep, have low-triangle shapes, or that have strong vertical lines.


A round or full face is characterized by having the same width and length. For round faces, frames that add length to the face often work best. Frames that lengthen the face are typically angular, narrow and are wider than they are deep. It is best to avoid round style frames as these will exaggerate the roundness and curves of the face.


A heart shaped face looks like a heart or a triangle with the point facing down. The forehead is very wide and cheekbones are high while the face narrows towards the chin. Counterbalance the narrow chin by choosing frames that are wider at the bottom. Generally, light colored and rimless frames work best, although aviator, butterfly and low-triangle styles also work well.


A base-down triangle face has a narrower forehead with full cheeks and a broad chin. To offset a broad chin, select frames that widen at the top. Great selections include frames that have heavy color accents and detail on the top part of the frames. Cat-eye shapes also work well to add width and emphasize the narrow upper part of the face.


A diamond shaped face is often characterized by high, dramatic cheekbones with a narrow eye line and jaw line. This shape is the rarest of all the shapes. Oval frames that are soft in style typically work best to highlight the eyes and cheekbones. Select frames that have detailing, distinctive brow lines, are rimless or a cat-eye shape for best results.

  • Round Rectangle (Wire) Rounded Square Square
  • Modified Oval (Wire) Rectangle Cat Eye Squared Cat Eye
  • Oval Modified Round Modified Oval Wayfarer
  • Aviator

Designer frames that we carry include:

image   image

image   image

Searching for Eyeglasses in Clarksville?

Whether you are on a budget or just really like the frames you have, you may put off getting new glasses. When you wear glasses that do not meet your vision needs, however, you are really not seeing life as clearly as possible. While you keep wearing lenses that don't meet your vision needs, your vision can worsen faster than if your glasses were adequate. 

If your vision is blurry, you are seeing double, or you struggle to focus, you need new glasses. Seeing a sudden flash, known as a floater, is a sign you might need new glasses. Other signs that you need new glasses include eye fatigue, more frequent headaches, eye tiredness, and frequent squinting.

As soon as you notice these symptoms in yourself or a family member, it's time for Clarksville eyeglasses. 

Finding the Right Frames With A Clarksville Optometrist

When you come to our Elkton or Clarksville optical shop, we will show you the types of glasses that meet your vision needs. If you suffer from presbyopia, you need glasses that are large enough to accommodate multiple lens powers. If you have farsightedness, you may prefer reading glasses or computer glasses that reduce eye strain from computer usage. 

We are happy to let you browse our selection of frames or help you select the right frames based on your face shape. If you are not sure whether your face is square, oval, oblong, round, base-up triangle, base-down triangle, or diamond, we can help you. 

We find square faces look best with glasses that are curved or oval and round faces look best with glasses that are narrow or angular. Oval faces look best with glasses that are rectangular or diamond in shape, whereas oblong faces look best with round glasses or eyewear with vertical lines. Base-up triangle or heart-shaped faces are flattered by aviator or butterfly style glasses and base-down triangle faces are flattered by wide or cat-eye shapes. 

After you find the right shape for you, select frames in a color that flatters your complexion, eye color, or skin color. There are other factors to consider as well. For example, if you have an active lifestyle or you need eyeglasses for teens, you may prefer sturdy frames that won't shatter if the glasses are dropped. 

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Our optometrist knows this all can be overwhelming, which is why our eye doctor educates staff on how to help you find the right pair of new glasses.

No appointment is needed to browse our eyeglasses frames, but if you would like to see our Clarksville  optometrist for an eye exam, you'll need an appointment. Contact either of our office locations to schedule your appointment today!

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