Sunglasses benefit everyone! All members of the community can do well to own a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re in need of sunglasses for protection from the sun or simply need to see more clearly in broad daylight, sunglasses can help. At Sites Vision Clinic in Clarksville TN we provide quality care and a range of sunglasses for all of our customers.

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Benefits of Sunglasses From Your Clarksville Optometrist

There are many reasons to get sunglasses in Clarksville!

• Protection from UV rays. UV rays damage your eyes and can cause eye disease. Protecting your eyes from UV rays can save your health and ultimately, your vision. At Sites Vision Clinic, we recommend that all of our patients get lenses with a UV coating that can protect from UV rays.

• Improved ability to see in bright sunlight. Whether you’re driving in broad daylight, participating in an athletic competition or sailing on the ocean, wearing sunglasses can help you see well without distraction from sunlight glare. We know that different patients need sunglasses for different purposes, so we provide a range of different sunglasses types, including sports eyewear. This way, all of our patients can have sunglasses that will enable them to participate in outdoor activities without being distracted by the sun.

• Fewer headaches from glare. Glare from the sun isn’t just distracting; it can also be painful. Looking at a bright landscape for too long can cause headaches and may make your head hurt. Sunglasses can prevent this problem from occurring.

Offering a Range of Sunglasses at Sites Vision Clinic

Your sunglasses should reflect your personality and match your personal style. At Sites Vision Clinic, we offer a range of different brands and styles of sunglasses.

• Aramani
• Caviar
• Adidas
• Costa Del Mar (Water Sports)
• Cazal
• Decot (Shooting)
• Gunnar (HD lenses for computers and gaming)
• Greg Norman
• Ray Ban
• Nike
• Kaenon
• Marchon (Magnetic clips)
• Maui Jim (polarized and non-glare; great on the water!)
• Porche
• Oakley

Providing Prescription and Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Sites Vision Clinic provides prescription sunglasses for patients with refractive error and non-prescription sunglasses for patients simply seeking good quality sunglasses to the rest of Clarksville. If you’re in need of prescription sunglasses, our eye doctors will first perform an eye exam. This will help ensure that your prescription is correct, so the sunglasses you get will provide you with clear vision.

Contact Your Clarksville Eye Doctor Today

At Sites Vision Clinic, we’re proud to be Clarksville's premiere hometown vision care professionals. As your optometrist in Clarksville, we have a reputation for excellence in each community we serve. For Clarksville sunglasses, we’re your source for stylish, attractive lenses. Our eye doctors, Dr. Brian and Paula Murray, provide the best vision care in the region. For more information about getting sunglasses with Sites Vision Clinic, call us today or make an appointment.

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