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Progressive lenses are the best choice for glasses as we get older. Rather than be stuck with clunky, old-fashioned bifocals, progressive lenses keep you looking youthful and seeing clearly. Our specialists at Sites Vision Clinic in Clarksville are here to help you find the progressive lenses you need. 


How Progressive Lenses Work

Progressive lenses are one of the latest and most advanced types of lenses. Your optometrist can fill you in on all the fine points, but the basics are really simple. 

Progressive lenses work by having multiple levels of magnification in one lens. You can think of the old-style bifocals that have the line running through the middle. Remove that annoying line and you get progressive lenses! Beyond that, your eye doctor can even set you up with progressive lenses that have more levels than even trifocals used to have. 

The best part is, this is all seamless. The transition from one layer of magnification to another is gradual and smooth. You won’t be caught running around looking like Benjamin Franklin in these! 

Why Your Optometrist Recommends Them

As we age, we start needing the optometrist more and more. Somewhere around age 40, many people need their eye doctor to prescribe progressive lenses. We’ve already gone over how progressive lenses offer more and clearer magnification than bifocals and trifocals, but what are their other benefits? 

  • They do not have the dividing line common in bifocals and trifocals which means the images stay clear without breaking up
  • Vision is clear over any distance rather than just two or three
  • Due to the advanced optometry that removes the lines common to bifocal and trifocal lenses, these glasses look like any other pair. This means you don’t have to worry about the stigma of “looking old” that comes with bifocal lenses

How Do You Wear Progressive Lenses?

While the advanced optometry behind these glasses makes them superior to the older style, it may take a second to get used to your first pair. Here’s how to wear them.

In general, the closer the magnification is at the bottom of the lens and the higher up you look, the better the long-distance magnification will be. Your eye doctor can help with all of the fine details, but this will be enough to get you started. 

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